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Tents and sidewalls are graded from a scale of A to C. The most commonly used commercial grade is B or C, with BA or  A  being used for high end events. Cost increases as you increase from C  to  A,  because the canvas is newer

and additional preparation and handling is needed. BA and A grade tents are limited availability and size, because of they are almost new, but the interior of any tent can be upgraded to A by the installation of a linen tent liner. This will add $.35-$.75 a SF to the cost of the tent depending upon type of liner.

Tents and sidewalls are priced as "B" quality. "BA" ("B+") rating is often also available at an ~25% upcharge.


Do not expect a select tent if a B or C grade is rented. "A" grade tents are almost new and less commonly available and incur a larger 50-100% upcharge. As grade decreases, tears, punctures, seam separation and stains may occur and in grade B or above, will be repaired onsite as found or reported. "A" quality (highest formal grade) tents will have few imperfections but must be specified on the Event Order by line item and requires the "SELECT SERVICE" option is included and its additional costs paid.

---Tent sections come in sunblock and sunlit vinyl. This allows light into the insides of the tent, while limiting excessive heat. Sunblock and sunlit vinyl differences is generally not visible in the evening or at night. Sunlit vinyl will look lighter and more translucent than sunblock in sunlight. This is not a defect.

The USER must always review inventory before being loaded at the warehouse to assure the quality they desire has been ordered. After loading the quality can not be changed. UNLESS SELECT SERVICE IS INCLUDED ONSITE REPAIR AND CLEANING WILL OFTEN BE REQUIRED. Tents often come from one event location immediately to another without the 15-days required to separately clean and dry sections. EXPECT SPOTS, STAINS, PARTICLES, OFF ODORS AND TEARS AS EQUIPMENT IS DELIVERED TO SITE. All of these are handled by the installation crew before the scheduled turnover time of your equipment. Our crews have installed thousands of tents and know what to expect. But, you also must know what to expect.

Event Orders confirmed on a "BEST EFFORTS" basis (tents, tent types, sidewalls, window walls, or clear walls) depend upon inventory and may be grade C or above. BEST EFFORTS events have no quality or availability guarantee unless SELECT SERVICE is included and its additional costs are paid.

---Tent use is subject to the Standard Operating Policy [POLICY-SOP], Tent Quality Standards and Wind Ratings. These may change from time to time and POLICY-SOP dominates over any other information or publication.

---UPTIME. Tents, tent lighting, tent HVAC, tent flooring and all tent accessories and contents have a 90% uptime warranty except for weather related issue, human related issues and acts of God which have no warranty. Downtime is necessary for maintenance and repairs from use and may occur at any time. There is no adjustment for the 10% downtime.

---Disputes concerning the grade of a tent used may be resolved in USER’s favor if photographic evidence supports the claim and the excessive percentage of defect. In any such instance, the resolution shall be the lowering of the paid tent grade by one level and the issuing to USER of an ECREDIT for the difference. A cash refund of the difference shall not be available unless the grade change was required due to known inventory unavailability..


"A" grade tents are top of the line or "near new" quality which means the tent is bright, crisp, clean and free of spots or stains. Few pinholes, tears or discolorations, all repaired when found. Under 2% of the surface (inner and outer) will have noticeable discoloration or defect.* Generally a top with under a dozen uses. A 50-100% upcharge is incurred. "A" grade tents may have small leaks around edges and seams


The interior of almost any tent can be upgraded to "A" using a linen tent liner. Standard liners, fly liners and swag liners are available. These add $0.35 to $.50 a square foot to the cost of a tent but significantly increase the formal appearance. Because grade "A" and "BA" tents are limited availability, if you want a truly formal tent, a liner is often the best means of obtaining it.


"BA" (or "B+") tents are of nice quality, still bright and clean but may have cleanly patched repairs from previous use damage. Minor spots, holes or scuffing that are sealed. Under 4% of the surface (inner and outer) will have noticeable discoloration or defect.* Typically used in weddings. A 25% upcharge is incurred if available. "B" grade tents may have small leaks around edges and seams.


"BB" (or "B") tents are commercial grade, nice but with some color fading and minor scuffing, stains, and repairs may be present. Pin-holes are mostly sealed with filler, repairs with some permanent and a few patches. Up to 10% of the surface (inner and outer) will have noticeable discoloration or defect.* "BB" grade tents may have leaks around edges and seams that the USER will need to avoid or contain. Typically used for basic weddings, events, business and tent sales. Keep in mind most "defects" can not even be seen in evening light or at night, when most tent receptions occur. Do not be overly concerned about flaws your guests will not see unless perfection is your goal and cost no object.


"BC" is similar to "BB" grade but typically a bit older with some additional discolorations or spots. May have a number of pin-holes and repairs, some with temporary patching. "BC" grade tents may have leaks around edges and seams that the USER will need to avoid or contain. Typically used for storage, workspace, festivals and tent sales where appearance is less of a consideration.


"C" is festival grade. These tents are structurally sound but will be faded or have discolorations or spots on them. May have a number of pin-holes and repairs, some with temporary patching. These tents are most commonly used for fairs, animal or equipment storage, auctions or weather protection when appearance is not a consideration. A 10% savings is deducted.

*DEFECTS may be faded, discolored, dirty, stained, or spotted areas and includes tears, rips, pin-holes, patches, repairs and any other factor that makes a tent not new in quality. Locations where poles, pipes or fittings touch tent tops and sidewalls may be discolored or show a darkened streak. This is standard and is usually covered when in use by the pole, pipe or fitting involved and such markings are not DEFECTS and do not count towards discoloration or defect percentages.


The recommendations, requirements, terms or conditions given in this document apply to any use of AEG equipment, rentals or services and are part of POLICY-SOP. These requirements are in addition to and not exclusive of other terms, conditions and policies in the AGREEMENT. AEG is the "PROVIDER"; the equipment renter or services user is the "USER". The definition of words herein is as given in POLICY-DEFINITIONS.